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Spiritual Moms - Lynn Wilford Scarborough - Spiritual Mothers

Whether you are married or single, have children or hope to, this book will help to cultivate your love for God and others and increase your spiritual productivity. --     Vonette Bright, Co-founder Campus Crusade for Christ International

"In recent years evangelical Christians have talked much about the need for spiritual fathers. Finally someone was brave enough to wave her hands and call our attention to the fact that we also need spiritual mothers in this crucial hour! God has called both men and women to be spiritual leaders, and Lynn Scarborough's book will encourage and inspire women who have been told they should limit their influence." --   J. Lee Grady, Editor Charisma Magazine, author,
10 Lies the Church Tells Women

If you want to be used of God to influence women for Him, Spiritual Moms should be on your reading list. Scarborough's examples and insights will motivate you to become a spiritual mom to others for God's kingdom and glory. -- Cheryl Reccord, author and speaker

Lynn tackles the theme of spiritual motherhood with her characteristic passion and energetic optimism. The personal stories make the book real and relevant. This is not the domain of the few, this is for you! --
Bob Sorge, author of Envy: The Enemy Within

Reading this book will prepare your heart to better equip other men and women to walk in their intended God-given role. --  Dr. Cornell Haan, National Facilitator of Ministry Networks, Mission America

As a grandmother and getting close to retirement, I have sometimes thought that it was soon time to step back from things. After reading Lynn's inspirational guide, I find I have so many things I now want to do. I feel I can and want to continue to be a woman of influence.  --

Winnie Bartel, Chairman, Women's Commission for World Evangelical Alliance

Many people still assume women live blissful lives caring for husbands and children with little reason and few excuses to be involved in the lives of others. Like kicking off high heels after a weeklong convention, or breaking into a loaf of warm bread, Lynn Scarborough’s book gives sweet relief to real life and fills the spiritual senses with Biblical destiny. What are women to be doing? What resources has God gifted to women? “Spiritual Moms” satisfies. --  Joann Cole Webster, author and publisher


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Spiritual Moms, Heroes of the Heart

By Lynn Wilford Scarborough 4.8.04

It was the Memorial Day weekend 2000, after The Call, D.C., when Dr. Bill Bright told me, “The three people that most influenced my life were my mother, my wife Vonette, and Henrietta Mears.”  How incredible it was to hear this remarkable Spiritual Father, an architect of modern evangelism, bless the contributions of three dynamic spiritual mothers. What a wonderful testimony and reason for encouraging more women to become Spiritual Moms! 

Spiritual Moms – Touching God’s Heart

All that a natural mother is to a family, a spiritual mother is to the children of God.   Spiritual Moms can be a birth mother, trained counselor, pastor’s wife, Bible teacher, business professional, married or single.  The job they do is not important; what is important is who and what they are to those around them.   If the father is the head of the home, then the mother is the heart.  A spiritual mother helps people to understand the heart of God and how to walk in that truth.  Through Christ, she helps to heal the broken hearted, open blind minds, and sets the captives free from their prisons of shame, pain, doubt and fear. 

God’s “Power-Team”

Spiritual Moms or mothers are not a new concept, but only a new term. The Bible, history and churches are filled with spiritual mothers that are unsung heroes, faithful pioneers and true champions of the gospel. Spiritual mothers and fathers are co-laborers in the soul vineyard and God’s “Power-Team.”  It is no secret that there are millions of  “spiritual newborns” starving on the church steps, waiting to be cradled into the Kingdom.  Successful churches know how to quickly “plug’em in” so that new believers receive the critical spiritual mentoring needed to run the good race for the Lord. 

All Hands and Hearts on Deck

During World War II, everyone joined in the war effort, laboring and sacrificing both at the battlefront and at home.  In times of peace, the role of the soldier takes on the “professional” status.  Our world is at war on all fronts - physical, spiritual, moral and virtual.  The “professionals only -- need apply” period is behind us; our nation, neighborhoods and families are in crisis and all hands and hearts are needed to “man and woman” the battle stations.  It’s[LL1]  a big job and God is recruiting the young, old, male and female for his army.  Haven’t you seen the sign - Father God wants You! 

Life Compass

In a confusing world of souls looking for identity, Spiritual Moms help point people in the right direction—God’s direction.  They battle on their knees and in the market place.  Spiritual moms pour love into lives as they listen, laugh, cook, council, and touch the deepest fears and greatest joys.   

Spiritual Moms are gifts from the Father in thousands of packages.  Like warm cookies from the oven, she smells like love.  Like bread of heaven, she feeds your spirit.  Like fresh apple pie, she makes you smile.  Like walking chicken soup, she heals your soul.   Thank You, God, for blessing us with Spiritual Moms! 

For more information see:

Spiritual Moms, An Inspirational Guide for Women of Influence, by Lynn Wilford Scarborough.  New Hope Publishers, Broadman & Holman distributors. April 2004

Ms. Scarborough is a nationally known television coach and media consultant. She has trained thousands of journalists, business executives, and politicians nationwide.  Ms. Scarborough attributes her success to the guidance of her many Spiritual Moms and inspiration of spiritual sons and daughters.  She can be reached at Lynn.tv@verizon.net or SpiritualMoms.com, or call 972 355-2215

 The hand that rocks the cradle will change the world,

The heart that trains the soul will reach the nations,

But the spirit that awakens the destiny of another,

transforms the universe.

                   From Spiritual Moms by Lynn Wilford Scarborough.                 

In a time when everyone is looking for “chicken soup” for their souls and direction for their lives, Spiritual Moms are a compass of truth for the roads of life.

What is a Spiritual Mom and why are so many people looking for them?  The reason is as basic as apple pie.  All that a natural mother is to her family, a spiritual mother is to the children of God.  A Spiritual Mom is a spiritual mentor who comes alongside people in the most important journey of all – the walk of faith. 

A Spiritual Mom can be a biological mother, single relative, pastor’s wife, bible teacher, or friend.  Spiritual Moms don’t adopt “children” in the traditional manner, yet the bonds of relationship are often stronger than biological ties.  A Spiritual Moms know how to recognize the spiritual season that a person is in.  They pour love into lives as they listen, teach, cook, council, pray, laugh and touch the deepest fears and greatest joys.  Spiritual Moms are waiting with cookies and hugs fresh from the heart.

In a world of souls looking for identity, Spiritual Moms help point people in the right direction—God’s direction.  The Bible, history and churches are filled with spiritual mothers that are unsung heroes, faithful servants and true champions of the gospel.  They teach God’s children to believe rather than doubt, forgive rather than fight, to pray rather than complain and obey rather than run.  Spiritual Moms provide a mirror so people can see how their spirits are growing.

What is a Spiritual Mom?  She is like the diamond dancing in the sun, whose brilliant facets are uncountable.  She is a compass of truth, mirror of hope, bread from heaven, and walking chicken soup.  

Thank You, God, for blessing us with Spiritual Moms! -- Lynn

From Casserole Queen to Congressperson,

from Sunday School Guru to Kool-Aid Mom, 

from the Prayer Momma to Producer Diva, 

Spiritual Moms are building God’s family -- One Heart and One Soul at a Time.


Spiritual Moms – Heroes of the Heart

Spiritual Moms don’t adopt  “children” in the traditional manner, yet the bonds of friendship can be stronger than biological ties.   “In this busy electronic world, with home offices and privacy fences, people feel disconnected.  We all want someone that we can meet for coffee and inspire us, someone who fills our spirit,” explains Ms. Scarborough; “Spiritual mothering is not smothering mothering, it is mothering that equips, trains and releases people to fly into their destiny.

In Spiritual Moms, Ms. Scarborough challenges women of every age, capability, and status to use their time, talents and energies to help change the world one heart at a time.  The book profiles women who are making a difference in neighborhoods around to world through acts both great and small.  From the casserole queen to the business CEO, spiritual moms are everywhere. 

Profiles in the book include:

A CPA in Washington D.C. who is giving young people in the foster care system job skills so that they won’t be homeless.

A best-selling author who challenged a teen beauty queen to “Dream Bigger”.  (By the way, she did and is now a popular network journalist.)

A former Fashion CEO who has helped launch mentoring programs for middle school girls and moms in Los Angeles.

A foundation trustee that gives fledgling non-profits a chance to soar.

A kool-aid mom who united her neighborhood to protect their teens. 

A woman pastor who is always ready to hold a hand or bedpan for those in need.

A professional singer who is “Shouting” and shaping lives and worship round the globe.

A widow from Austin who glows with love and through prayer has a pipeline to God.

A grandmother who is helping network women around the world to help deal with disease, violence and social reform.